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State of Health 2019 - Inspiration from Trends&Traditions

Opdateret: 15. maj 2019

Being healthy in 2019 is more about being present.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – a moment of silence makes you capture the time now

Our lives are filled with stuff and noise. Unnecessary things taking up our mind and spaces. In an overload of digital data and a faster pace of life and we’re longing to find time to be present and focus on what’s important now. We’ll be looking out for what makes our lives simpler, less cluttered and peaceful. Whether it’s just for a micro moment a day, or a silent retreat for a week. We need time to connect with the past and prepare ourselves for the future by being present in the moment. Products and concepts that can help us achieve this will succeed.

How do the trend relate to fashion and interiors?

Fashion and interiors respond with nostalgic aesthetics. Design and interiors reinterpret the past for the future in a more sustainable way. We’ll look for classics that can be reinvented, re-sold, or just used again and again

This year’s theme at Trends&Traditions was “State of Health” with health today being more about being mindful, being present, and able to let out the noise and clutter.

In furniture design, this trend is present in the rise of products designed to embrace a sense of integrity, focusing on products that are timeless, sustainable and made for living better, not bigger. Focus is on tactility as opposed to our “always on lives”. We want interiors that touch us emotionally and make us feel.

Three cool concepts for a more simple and

sustainable life

At Trends&Tradtitions, I came across three cool concepts all tapping in to our wish for a more simple and sustainable life, with room for thoughts, personal reflection and identification

1. Een - Gives new life to old things

Een is a cool concept connecting us to our past. Enn redresses hand-selected artisan chairs from the 1930s-60s individually in respect to their natural patina.

These chairs fit perfectly into our need for expressing our individuality, but also our request for up-cycling and reusing for a more sustainable life.

2. August Sandgren - Unclutter your life with

handmade boxes

Our world today moves fast. We are always on, always moving, always on the go. While so many of our belongings are now in virtual spaces or in “the cloud,” we all still have physical belongings – phone, keys, cards, papers, pens, jewellery, watches and more – that wind up in piles across our home or office, creating clutter. But clutter can lead to stress – and decluttering of our physical surroundings is a step towards decluttering our minds.

August Sandgren creates boxes handmade of the finest natural materials. These exquisite boxes meet today’s demand for storage - every little pile of clutter in your house or office now has a beautiful place to call home. The boxes are of natural sustainable and tactile materials that last a lifetime

3. Bastian Overgaard - Shut up – and take your time

Bastian Overgaard in sofatalk with VR specialist Simon Lajboschitz

The last concept was actually not a piece of furniture, but a philosophy and a future vision on how we should stop talking and start listening by keeping quiet. Too many meetings are filled with too many words from too many people. Bastian Overgaard is an expert in silence. Bastian unclutter meetings from too many words. Teaching us how to shut up, reflect in silence, makes us more effective. Moments of silence is like using the space-key at the typewriter to avoid the word-clouds.


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